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CIMR Technologies:

Featuring an Active Pathogen Scavenging Technology


A Proven and Safe Solution

CIMR offers Real-Time Protection against SARS-CoV-2
Proven in both Research Labs and in the Field.

Company Description

CIMR® Technology is a cutting-edge, military-grade system that strikes a balance between safety, disease prevention, and life cycle costs.  It achieves this by continuously purifying the air at a significantly faster rate than alternative systems.  CIMR accomplishes this without emitting ozone, other chemicals, or harmful side effects.

CIMR is a significant leap forward in the fight against airborne and surface pathogens now and for the future.

Active Pathogen Scavenging:

Utilizing safe levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) produced from the ambient air, CIMR continuously neutralizes mold, virus’s, germs, and bacteria, both in the air and on surfaces.

Proven Effectiveness:

Rigorous scientific analysis, extensive testing, and real-world applications have confirmed CIMR’s harmlessness to people, pets, plants, and a range of materials, including medical equipment, silk, papers, film, microfiche, electronics, and metals.

No Harmful Chemicals or Ozone:  

Notably, CIMR produced hydrogen peroxide is not insulated by water vapor or encased in water. When CIMR molecules come into proximity, they self-consume, transforming into atmospheric oxygen and humidity. CIMR’s inherent self-regulation at 0.02 ppm ensures it never reaches dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide. This unique feature allows hydrogen peroxide to reach and maintain an equilibrium concentration of 0.02 ppm continuously. CIMR produces ZERO ozone and no other harmful by-products.

Compliant with Safety Standards:  

The concentration of CIMR’s hydrogen peroxide, at 0.02 PPM, is less than 50 times the OSHA limit, ensuring safety. CIMR meets and exceeds the standards set by OSHA, EPA, and CDC as safe to use for human occupancy.

CIMR carries the California CARB rating for emitting zero ozone even on our largest unit.

Examples of CIMR’s Effective Reduction of Pathogens, Germs, and Fungi

Staphylococcus Aureus
Escherichia Coli
Bacillus spp
Streptococcus spp
Pseudomonas Aureuginosa
H1N1 Swine Flu
Candida Albicans
Stachybotrys Chartarum
and more.

Sectors Served

US Military

CIMR Technologies is being used to protect military personnel in over 150 locations by continuously treating indoor air spaces to destroy both airborne and surface pathogens.


CIMR’s Military Grade Technology is currently used to protect small businesses, restaurants, theaters, multi-story office spaces and more.


CIMR’s residential products provide real-time 24/7/365 protection and comfort for the ones you love. Safe for children, pets and plants offering you peace of mind.


Healthcare facilities are a hotspot for many types of harmful microbials. CIMR Technology is a proven real-time solution to reducing the spread of airborne and surface pathogens.


CIMR Technology protects students and staff in Real-Time against mold, virus’s, germs and bacteria. While respecting the CDC recommendations, CIMR solves the most significant remaining risk – small, aerosolized molecules in the air we breathe and on surfaces.

Let us work with you to provide a safe environment for you, your families, your staff, and your clients.

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