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CIMR Technologies Solution for Military Applications

The CIMR DOME Program:

Full-Service Protection

Featuring an Active Pathogen Scavenging Technology

The CIMR DOME program is engineered to provide continuous protection against viral threats.  It encompasses CIMR Technologies and associated processes that form a robust multi-layered defense/offense program against airborne and surface viruses, mold, and pathogens.

Operating 24/7/365, the CIMR DOME program establishes a secure and controlled environment by actively minimizing the presence of infectious microbes and particles in the air and on surfaces. Imagine tiny invisible missiles constantly neutralizing airborne and surface pathogens.  

That’s the CIMR DOME in action.

CIMR is currently installed at over 150 Military installations ensuring our nation’s combat readiness by protecting military personnel and families.

Proudly made in the USA:
SAMS Registered